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I do, though the 'updates' are rather infrequent.
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 7:51 PM
I have a feeling Sword never actually reads these.
Wed Feb 18, 2015, 7:51 PM
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[insert witty comment here] ...just kidding.
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To those that didn't see the Nintendo Direct just now...Majora's Mask is coming to the Nintendo 3DS! For those who played the original and want to play the game again with updated graphics and such, the game will be coming in Spring 2015. :D
Wed Nov 5, 2014, 3:07 PM
Trying to write Life Incarnate's second chapter. Skipped ahead to its second half to try and lay out what I needed to do, but kind of hitting a wall now.
Mon Oct 27, 2014, 1:17 PM
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 7:49 AM
Premium daaaaaaaay! :D
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Hello. :3
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Hello there. :D
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Lets see if paranoia can stay silent enough for this to stay up for a while...


This is a list of all or a majority of the ideas I have for each character and scenario that constantly fills my mind. For any artists that are browsing this list and feel like doing this, be sure to contact me and inform which idea you're doing and be sure to credit me when the picture is done. Showing WIP's(Works in Progress)if possible would be appreciated.

The characters will each have a short description of each to try and give a general image of how they look. Following after said description will be a set of scenarios that I have in mind for each of the characters. Just pick whichever one suits your fancy or do a scenario of your own. If going for the latter though, there are restrictions for such, which will be labeled last in each segment, as well as another segment that will show what's permitted.



Species: Zoroark.

Gender: Female.

Physical appearance: Feral form – Structurally the same as a normal zoroark, though stands at close to a dozen times larger, around sixty feet standing.
Anthro form – A quarter larger, standing at seventy-five feet, more fleshed out torso, four claws on the hand-paws, slightly slimmer mane, slightly smaller bead.

Scenario(s) for picture: 1) Feral or anthro form laying in a moderate-sized forest clearing, asleep either on her front or her side. If on the side, the front part of her body facing towards the viewer, head resting on one arm outstretched past her head, mouth slightly open.
2) Feral or anthro form interacting with a smaller creature, preferably around human size. Stance of Zorea is either sitting or on her front, propped up by an elbow, her unoccupied arm reaching to the smaller being with care.
3) Feral or anthro form providing shelter for a weary traveler, either tucked in the mane or nestled beside her head.

Reference(s): N/A.

Permitted if going with an unlisted scenario: Macro/Micro. Tame Vore. Pawplay. Interaction with characters from artist.

Restriction(s) if going with unlisted scenarios: No explicit nudity, only up to toon nudity. No R34 scenarios. No harm being done to either party, especially Zorea.



Species: Victini(shiny).

Gender: Female.

Physical appearance: Feral form – No physical differences, though wears a gold and ivory necklace, the amulet silver in color.
Anthro form – More humanoid build, four fingers per hand while two toes per foot, necklace unaltered.

Scenario(s) for picture: 1) Anthro form floating among the emptiness of space, arms folded a bit as she's holding onto one world. Said planet is around the size of a basketball to her, it being one of her own design(two large landmasses at the northern and southern poles of it, and along the whole equator area is a deep trench of water, a wave sweeping through it. Connecting the landmasses at quarterly marks are arcs that connect the two landmasses). View it here: Tini, Planetary Architect

2) Feral or anthro form, though focus of the pic is her holding onto the amulet of her necklace, which would be in the foreground, Tini's head in the background, scenery optional. Her fingers would be flanking either side of the picture, and within the semi-transparent amulet would be a swirl galaxy.

3) Anthro or feral form gorging herself on various sweets, all of various kinds and sizes. Tini would be resting on one poffin that's easily much larger than her, color of it up to artist's choice.

Reference(s): Tini – (NSFW >_>; ) Tini, Goddess of Protection
Necklace – N/A.

Permitted if going with an unlisted scenario: Macro/Micro. Interaction with characters from artist.

Restriction(s) if going with unlisted scenarios: ABSOLUTELY NO explicit nudity, only up to toon nudity(Seriously, don't follow the example of Tini's only reference(for now)). No R34 scenarios. No destruction.



Species: Riolu(feral, non-goddess), Lucario(anthro, goddess).

Gender: Female.

Physical appearance: Riolu – Structurally the same as a normal riolu, though only four inches standing. No anthro form. Wears a green kimono-like robe formed from scraps of cloth, a swirl-leaf pattern on the back of it. The length of said robe reaches down to just above the ankles.
Lucario – Anthro body structure of a lucario. Wears the same robe much like her riolu self, though length of it is just a bit shorter in comparison, around the shins.

Scenario(s) for picture: 1) Riolu and lucario forms meeting each other. Riolu form would be standing on a counter or table-height surface, one leg shifted back like she's stepping back. Expression is showing uneasiness/fear/being intimidated by the lucario self. Said lucario would be crouched down slightly, hands resting on the edge with her head down to around eye-level of the riolu.

Reference(s): Riolu – N/A.

Lucario – Amber Lucario - Kristein , Amber Lucario - RedPandaCase ,

Robe – Ambers Robe

A note about the robe; The image on the left is the 'inside' of the robe, the other the outside of the robe. How it's put on is that - if looking at the one on the right - the left side would fold around to Amber's belly, followed by the other side, the button slipped through the fastener. The hole in the center is where Amber's head slips through, similar to a shirt, the darker-green lines being where her shoulders would be past the cloth. If only the lower portions have been folded into place, then it would be hanging from Amber similar to a waist-strapped cape or blacksmith apron, which would be pulled up to where the hole is level with her head then slipped on.
The remaining portion and second fastener hole would then be covering her front, the button slipped through the fastener hole to keep it in place. It's due to this that the robe has traits like that kimono, though the black lines above the button and first fastener hole are slits, not connected to the lower portion of the robe. This gives the look of normal kimono sleeves but not fully connected, so to say.

Permitted if going with an unlisted scenario: Macro/Micro. Pawplay. Interaction with characters from artist.

Restriction(s) if going with unlisted scenarios: If drawn without the robe, no explicit nudity, only up to toon nudity. No R34 scenarios. No harm being done to either party, especially to either form of Amber.



Species: Human(Starbound).

Gender: Male.

Physical appearance: Six feet flat, Caucasian skin color. Head is covered by a mask that is red velvet in color with a silver plate on the upper portion of the face, eyes a black color almost like that of his pupils. Clothing is a rough leather jacket with light-gray shirt underneath, blue jeans and brown carpenter shoes.

Scenario(s) for picture: 1) Dynamic shot. Maus would be like as though he's speeding towards the ground, a little pointed towards the right side of the picture frame. Mouth would be agape like the air is rushing past him, lips rippling from the rush. His arms would be wielding a Starbound 'Hammertime' hammer, a spark of light gleaming off of one of its corners.

2) Maus standing upright, left hand resting on his mask, the other wielding the hammer he possesses, it resting on his shoulder with the head of it past Maus' head. A toothy grin would be on his face as he's gazing towards the view, a speech bubble coming from him saying “Sorry, but can't let you remove the mask. Otherwise I'd have to 'acquaint' you to Mister Smashy.”.

3) Toon-like scenario. Maus running away from one of the more fearsome monsters of Starbound, his head like he's screaming similar to recent Rayman games. Scenery of location is optional but up to artists preference should a setting be made.

4) Impending prank scenario. Maus would be nestled in a small nook above a doorway, a wide toothy grin on his face and looking down, water balloon in his right hand and raised like he's about to throw it. Down below would be Elisa, bored-tired look on her face, coming through the doorway, coffee mug in hand.

5) Fourth Wall scenario. Maus would be stepping through the computer screen, one hand waving while the other is holding onto his hammer, mouth agape as he's going, size at roughly equal with that of the monitor's standing height. Speech bubble would be present containing “Never fear, the Grand Adventurer Maus is here!”.

Reference(s): Maus – (Form is puffed out, ignore brown bit behind him, ignore green bit above mask.)
Elisa –
Maus' hammer –

Permitted if going with an unlisted scenario: Maus being mauled. Shenanigans. Interaction with characters from artist.

Restriction(s) if going with unlisted scenarios: No gore/extreme violence. No R34 scenarios.


This is all I've been able to write so far, but like stated at the top, if any artist is interested in doing these, contact me to inform that you're going to be doing 

What do you guys view me more as? 

12 deviants said An author of various subjects.
9 deviants said That one guy who does a lot of Garry's Mod macros. ._.
4 deviants said Someone who's fun to roleplay with, if not rather infrequent in recent times.
1 deviant said The creator of the Desire series.



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