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–Aftermath: Yang–

"What do you mean I wasn't out for however long?"
Yang questioned.

"Before both you and your friend were invited here, the mansion we stand in was empty, crumbling, abandoned." zekrom explained. "When we heard that both of you were coming, we had to use our energy to make the mansion what it was prior to its decay. We couldn't, however, make everything as it was, and as such, some signs of decay lingered."

"You mean the bookshelf that collapsed easily?"


"And the ruined rails?"
Yin asked.

"Correct." Reshiram answered. "If we had covered every inch, then we wouldn't have had enough energy to merge with you, and as such, vanish. When we have fully merged, we let go of the restoration, letting the mansion return to its skeletal state. What you are standing in is what the area looked like before the restoration."

"But, another thing though…"


"What about Andrew? The person who invited us?" Yang questioned.

"Ah, Andrew. How that name brings back memories. I don't know where he is currently, but I feel that he is roaming the halls of the mansion. Yes, he did invite you, but he, like us, is a spirit and has been for several years. Yet, despite the spiritual barrier, he still wanted to see you both in person and was able to write that invitation. Shortly after he was done, the letter was whisked away, going to where you were before this all started."


"Yet, it was after you both arrived did we realize on how little energy we had remaining. Around the time we restored the mansion, that action put us critical levels, forcing us to seek you out to merge."

"I see…But, what happens now, since the changes are complete?"
Yin asked.


"Since I have finished merging with you, you're free to go.  However, I need to use the last bit of my energy to open the way."

Yang was about to ask what he meant, but felt himself lose control of his body. He panicked, thinking that it was a trick just for the zekrom to gain control of his body. However, he watched through the eyes as zekrom charged the turbine, casting the blue glow everywhere. The arms reared back, electricity jumping from them as they charged up an attack. A few seconds later they shot forward, sending the charges straight at the wall. They both impacted, shattering the stone and sending bits of it flying, as well as throwing up a dust cloud. The pebbles that did hit him simply bounced off, not doing any damage. Yang felt himself regain control of his body and shut down the turbine, putting the area back in darkness.


In his mind, Yin heard the rashiram breathing hard, utterly exhausted. He watched as the building hit by the flames burn, rapidly collapsing as smoke billowed from it. However, as quickly as the building collapsed, the flames started to die just as fast.

"There…It is…done…" the reshiram breathed out. "The way…is now open…However…I have used…up the last of my energy…in doing so…"

"Wait, does that mean…?"
Yin started.

"Yes, it means that…I can no l…longer stay…" Reshiram finished. "Farewell Yin, for…we will never meet…a…g…a…i…n…" it trailed off.

Yin felt the presence of the reshiram leave his mind, forever gone. Even though he was changed against his will, Yin felt saddened on how it's life was like prior to him coming.


Shaking his head slightly, Yang looked forward, spinning the turbine again to get some light. The dust cloud has mostly settled, allowing him to see past it. Standing in front of him were doors similar to him being thrown through. The difference was that the gold was chipped and the silver rusted in spots. He was doubting that he would be able to open the door, especially with it in such poor condition. He shrugged and walked towards it, holding a hand out. His hand touched the door and he gave a light shove. The door opened easily instead of staying shut, revealing the lobby of the mansion in a similar condition.

'Man, he wasn't kidding when he said the mansion was dead…' Yang thought as he stepped through, being careful of fallen marble and wood.


Yin was able to make his way through the rubble of the building. The wood was lit with embers from the now gone flames, emanating a little heat, yet it didn't bother him. He pushed his way to the door slightly buried in the rubble. He reached it and easily pushed the rubble aside, clearing the door. He walked up to it, taking in the details. Letting out a small sigh, he placed a hand on it, and gave it a push. The door didn't budge and he had to put more force onto it, slowly opening it.


Yang was looking around while standing in the center of the lobby when he heard a door creak. Snapping his attention to the source, he was surprised to see a reshiram standing in an open doorway. He was about to question it until he remember what Zekrom told him. He didn't believe him at first, but was now after seeing the counterpart.

"Yin?" he called out, wanting to confirm his suspicions.

The reshiram jolted a little then looked towards him, eyes wide.

"Yang!?" it responded, answering Yang's questions.

"Oh my god, Yin!" Yang cried out, quickly making his way through the debris.

Yin started making his way through the debris as well, continuing until they both came together in a tight hug. They both held each other, Yin silently sobbing a little, until they separated and looked at each other.

"So, Zekrom got to you as well?" Yin asked.

"Same with Reshiram for you?" Yang asked as well.


They both stood there, telling each other on what happened during their little adventures. They hugged one last time, then started making their way to the front door. Before they could reach it though, a voice called out to them.

"Hey Reshiram, Zekrom! Where you going?" it called out.

Both humans-turned-pokémon turned around and seen someone, a spirit to be precise, standing a few yards away. Yin recognized the person immediately while Yang raised a non-existent eyebrow.

"Andrew? That you?" Yin asked.

"Of course it's me Reshiram." Andrew answered, slowly walking towards the duo oblivious to what had happened. "I just can't shake the feeling that something's off about you two." he stated, putting a hand to his chin. "For one, how are you both at almost my height?"

Both of them gulped and nervously looked at each other.


"Never mind." Andrew interrupted. "Anyway, look at what I found while I was roaming around earlier." He reached behind his back with both hands and grabbed hold of something. He pulled them back out and what he held made Yin and Yang mentally gasp. In his hands were both of their blades, somehow in their scabbards.

"Cool huh? I found the black one in the library and the white one in the city. I don't exactly remember having these blades, but I think they would go nice with my collection."

"Um, Andrew?" Yin asked, a little uneasy for the coming explanation.


"We need to talk." Yang bluntly said.

"Huh? About what?" Andrew asked, arcing an eyebrow.

"For one, we're not the reshiram and zekrom you know." Yang deadpanned.


"He's right. If you were here a few hours earlier, you would've been able to meet us before we became what we are now." Yin explained.

"Wait, are you saying that–?" Andrew asked but was cut off.

"Yes, I'm Yin Sword and this is Yang Sword." Yin introduced, gesturing to himself and Yang.

Andrews eyes grew wide, dropping the swords as he took a few steps back in shock. He relaxed, but tilted his head to the ground, no longer in shock, but feeling empty on the inside.

He didn't do anything when Yang came over and picked up the swords. Yang, after slinging his sword over his back, though with difficulty, he tossed Yin his sword. After getting his sword over his shoulder with less difficulty, Yin looked over towards Andrew. Guilt started to well up, seeing that even though he was a spirit, the pokémon he and his counterpart were turned into were the only company he had. He walked over to him, Yang giving him a questioning look as he passed, and put a hand – or tried to – on Andrew's shoulder. Said spirit looked up into Yin's eyes, wondering on what was going on.

"Hey, I know that you're sad that your friends did this to us, but they had no choice, and neither did we." Yin calmly said. "They had to do it, and I guess they left you in the dark about what was happening to them. They probably didn't let you know so you wouldn't worry about them as much."

"But…I thought that…" Andrew started but stopped, unable to find the words.

"Andrew, I feel bad about what they done, but think of what would've happened if they didn't change us." Yin continued. "They would've have faded into nothing if they didn't get to us in time, and you would've been devastated upon learning what happened to them."

"Yeah…" Andrew spoke. "But, what happens now? Will you two go back to where you came from, or will you stay here?" he asked afterward.

Yin nervously looked over to Yang, who had a semi-concerned look on his face. He closed his eyes, trying to figure out on what to do. He wanted to go back, but yet he doesn't want to leave Andrew alone here for who knows how long until he passes on. Those were the two options, but yet he had a third one. It was a long shot, but he had to try.

"Andrew…" Yin started, opening his eyes again.

"Yes?" Andrew asked.

"Though we do want to go back home, I'm just not sure about leaving this place…" Yin trailed off, glancing back at Yang.

"Yin, mind telling me what you're thinking?" Yang questioned, though keeping the question to his counterpart only.

"Well, I do have something, I'm just not sure if he would accept it or not." Yin stated, turning back to Andrew.

"Andrew, even though that this is your home, despite its condition, I am wondering if…" he trailed off.

"If what?" Andrew pressed.

"…if you would like to…come back with us. To the studio, I mean." Yin somewhat uneasily finished.

Andrew just stood in his spot, running the request again in his head. Shortly after, he crossed his arms and closed his eyes, a grin starting to form.

"Heh, well why didn't you say so?" Andrew answered, reopening his eyes while his grin grew wider.

This caught the duo off-guard, not expecting the answer given. Still, despite this, Yin was able to talk first.

"Well, in all honesty, we weren't expecting that kind of answer, but it seems that you're eager to go." Yin said.

"Indeed I am. Even though that this is my house, I've been wanting to see whats been going on the whole time I was stuck here."

"So, guess that means we can finally head back?" Yang questioned.

"It does." Yin started, looking back at his counterpart. "However, even when we get back home and to full strength, I'm not sure if we can reverse the changes."

"What do you mean? We're stuck like this?"

"Not entirely. Even though we may not make our human forms our default, we can do what the others can; make ourselves appear normal."

"Great, now we're going to be like Teresa and the Luck duo…"
Yang mumbled bitterly.

Yin rolled his eyes then turned back to Andrew. "So, are you sure you want to come with us? It may probably be the last time that we come back here."

Andrew got into a thinking pose, weighing the options he had. It was pretty much a simple – if not drastic – change.

"I'm positive. Besides, I kinda have nothing else of value here since they've all decayed." Andrew answered with a slight shrug at the end.

"Okay, just wanted to make sure that you were okay with leaving and never returning." Yin replied. He turned around and walked towards the front door of the mansion, Yang and Andrew following. The duo had to step around bits of debris at times, while Andrew just floated past it. A few minutes later, they came up to the massive doors, though in a slightly worse condition than the side ones. There were more spots of rust, and the gold was almost non-existent, along with chunks of the wood missing. The duo each walked to one side of the door, wanting to open it and finally leave. After getting into position, they both pressed their hands on the doors and pushed with all their might. Slowly, but surely, the doors started to open, letting the morning light dawn pour in. After they were open enough, the two let up and walked out, Andrew following not far behind.

"Finally! We are out!" Yang almost cheered, only to get a smack against the back of his head. "OW! Yin! What was that for?"

Yin's answer was a roll of his eyes, then he turned back to Andrew yet again.

"Wow…quite a bit I missed huh?" he asked.

"Yeah. Just wait until we get back home." Yin answered. He then started holding his arm-wings out, looking at them. "Now the thing is; How can I be able to fly?"

Andrew chuckled at the question, earning a look from the duo. "It should be like that of a bird. Just focus on flying, but focus on the tail to help out. They can act like jet engines as well. The tails can help in long-distance flying, since they can really cut travel times."

"Huh, well then…" Yin trailed off, turning around. "Let's see if that works."

Yin closed his eyes and focused on flying, letting his mind 'experience' flight. He slowly moved his arms up and down, miming flight. After a few repetitions, he suddenly opened his and swung his arms down, forming a cloud of dirt, blinding Yang and Andrew. After it settled, Yin wasn't in his spot, instead he was hovering over it.

"Whoa whoa, WHOA! I'm flying?!" Yin questioned, a smile forming on his snout. "Yeah I'm flying! WOO!" he called out excitedly, doing a flip in the air to prove it.

"Hey, if it's that easy, let me have a go." Yang said, eager to fly as well. He repeated what Yin did, except with the wings on his back. A minute later he was flying as well, a grin on his face. "Heck yeah, already I'm loving this!" he called out, letting out a roar to prove it.

"Okay, since we can fly, lets see if we can get back to where we can warp." Yin stated, turning himself towards where they first came.

"Hey, race ya there Yin. Last one there has to polish both our blades!" Yang challenged, taking off.

"Hey! No fair!" Yin yelled back, taking after him.

Andrew just chuckled at them, then took flight himself and sped off after them.

–Later that day…–

Ask the Characters Studio

The duo were hosting a show for the day, though in their human forms. After they arrived, they found out that they couldn't reverse the changes and as such, had to make illusions of themselves appearing normal. Everyone in attendance was there as well, oblivious to their changes. Andrew, upon arrival, was spectating from the sidelines, enjoying everyone's reactions to some questions. Though he left his house for good, he was glad of the changes he accepted.
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Final part in the Reshiram and Zekrom TF story.

Intro: [link]
Yang: [link]
Yin: [link]
Aftermath: You are here.

Holy mother of god, this took almost half a year to write. Laziness and writer's block from hell is the reason why this took so long. I'm sorry if it felt rushed at the end, but since it's Christmas, I decided to finally finish this and get it posted before the day ended. As such, here's my Christmas gift to you all.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Those who have helped with the entire thing:
:iconnanocarp0: and FanFiction.Net user Tanon. Thank you guys for all the help.
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